Mezame is a professional photographer who found his fame in surreal photoshoots involving concept portrait and toy photography. His works have been featured on DIYPhotography, PetaPixel, Dark Beauty Magazine, The South China Morning Post, The New Paper, Kotaku, io9 and many more.

With heavy influences from pop-culture references, he uses photography and digital composites as a medium to tell stories, utilizing software such as Capture One Pro and Adobe Photoshop to bring imaginary worlds into reality.

Apart from being a Phase One Certified Professional, he is also an ambassador for EIZO (Global), Omnidesk, Ko-Fi and Wacom.

Mezame has also run over 20 photography workshops and seminars in Singapore, Australia (online), Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Mezame is also a livestreamer and vlogger on YouTube. He plays a variety of games with a focus on roleplaying games (RPG) and enjoys taking viewers to interesting places where geeks especially would find most fun.

He also runs episodic segments called KOPI CHAT where he brings other content creators to his home studio for interviews and fun game challenges.

In his segment TEST DRIVE, he does unboxing and reviews of games, movies and hardware.

From time to time, he does art and fundraiser streams too.

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